Tracking the Bump
Pregnant celebrities go to great lengths to hide the evidence of their pending parenthood, but regular moms-to-be have begun to seek out the paparazzi, not run from them. “Bump sessions” are multiple photo shoots documenting a mother’s transformation from “What? No baby here,” to “I can’t see my feet.” Maternity photography is nothing new, but has usually been reserved to pictures of a well-rested mother and newborn. Following the process in detail through the months of physical transformation is a new wrinkle, one that shouldn’t be surprising considering our photo-crazy culture.

Party Like it’s a Girl
Remember when parents would celebrate the gender of their kids by passing out cigars with blue or pink wrappers? OK, that’s a little Mad Men for most of us, but that’s how word spread in the time before Twitter. Now, some parents are opting to put the anticipation back into the big announcement, holding “gender reveal parties” to inform everyone from mom to great-grandmom whether to expect a boy or girl. Once doctors can tell a baby’s gender from an ultrasound, they write it on a piece of paper without showing the parents and seal it in an envelope. The envelope is taken to a bakery where the baker makes a cake filled with blue or pink icing, based on what’s in the envelope. Then, surrounded by kith and kin (and maybe with a few side bets going), the parents cut the cake as the highlight of a party.

When not even a party can fulfill your need to announce pregnancy as far as technology will allow, women have taken to filming the live results of pregnancy tests and posting them on YouTube. The trend is so popular, it has its own nickname, “WombTube.” And there’s something weirdly addictive about it. We dare you to do a YouTube search for “pregnancy test results” and not get sucked into the drama for a few hours.

The Hangover III
After hiring a photographer to come over every two weeks, planning a special color-coded cake and having his “it better be good” reaction to mom’s pregnancy test posted for the world to see, what future dad wouldn’t need a drink? Hence the rise of the Dadchelor Party, one last blow-out with the guys—whether it’s a day of golf, a trip to Vegas or a local pub crawl—to prepare for sleepless nights and blow outs of a different kind. It might be hard for mom to indulge, when she’s nine-months pregnant and craving grape soda and eggnog. But hey, dads need a tradition too.

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