Kid Stuff: Everything you need to make parenting a breeze

Carry All
We are obsessed with Belle Baby Carriers. Well, us and everyone else. The Colorado-based company has caught the eye of famous parents and local parents alike. With a contemporary style and a chic simplicity, these ergonomic carriers are also super green and made from eco-friendly fabrics. Belle started its organic collection in 2007 and continues to wow moms and dads with cool designs and fabrics that are 100 percent certified organic cotton and organic hemp blended. Available at Becoming Mothers in Boulder, Sweet Beginnings in Littleton and Naturally Loved, Talulah Jones and the Mother Hood in Denver. Belle is also designing a new carrier, which will launch Oct. 10.

Teething With Style
You have two options: Your little one ends up using your favorite chunky necklace as a chewtoy—and thus ingesting God knows what…toxins or maybe even a couple of beads—or you don’t wear jewelry. Thus is the plight of the accessory-loving new mom. But not so fast, we’ve found several brands of “chewbeads” in Colorado shops, including a beautiful piece at Boulder-based Bundle ( Basically, it’s a fashionable necklace on which your baby can suck and chew. The beads are 100 percent silicone and are completely safe for babies to enjoy. It’s gentle on baby gums, dishwasher safe and super cute (and after all, that is important). While you’re at Bundle, check out their compostable disposable diaper service. Bonus!

Take it To Go
How often have you handed your kiddo a bowl of Cheerios only to see the whole shebang fall to the ground, across the floor and under the fridge? Your collection of stale Cheerio’s in hidden places is proof. That’s why we must all embrace Eco Vessel’s Gobble n Go stainless steel snack cup with a silicone top that has slits for small fingers to easily reach in for crackers or cereal. There are no BPA, phthalates or chemicals. Find Eco Vessel products at Where the Buffalo Roam in Boulder, The Sebastian in Vail and Nature’s Oasis in Durango.

Taming the Toilet
The Potty Target is pretty much just what it sounds like: It’s a little decal for the inside of your toilet that becomes a target for your potty training boy. The Fort Collins-based start-up has set out to give your little fella something to aim at: Whether it’s an actual target, a fly, soccer ball or a duck. Plus, it can actually mean your bathrooms won’t become your cleaning nightmare. Now, if you can only get your husband to use them. Hmmm. Learn more at

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