Trends and temptations for the new Colorado family

Baby Loves Disco
Honestly, this is a great idea, and events are sprouting up all over the country. People are taking their babies to specialist discos, where the music is at an appropriate volume and you can dance away with your little one having a whale of a time. Kids love music, so having that safe environment to socialize and enjoy fun music together is priceless. Also, you can be sure that gangsta rap will stay off of the turntables.

Ignore No More App
We love this, not least because of how annoying it will be for kids. You know that thing where your child has a cellphone for safety and convenience reasons, but when you try to call them they ignore it? Well, just download the Ignore No More app and, if they don’t answer your call, you can punch in a four-digit code which will lock up their phone. Brilliant! Can you imagine the look on their little cherub faces when they realize they can’t talk to a buddy about One Direction until they’ve spoken to you first?

This tiny device clips to your baby’s clothes and sends breathing patterns, heartbeat and other information direct to your cellphone and/or computer. We’re not sure if that’s overkill or not, but a lot of information has to be good, right?

In 2014, the show Orange is the New Black had a significant effect on the names being chosen in the USA. Names like Galina, Nicky, Piper and Dayanara saw large increases after the show became so popular. Thanks to House of Cards, Garrett saw a big rise.

The movie Frozen caused names like Elsa and Hans to shoot up. More mysteriously, parents last year had a hankering for Southern names, like Rhett, Jefferson and Deacon. Place names are hugely popular right now, like Everest, Aspen, Geneva, Verona and Rome.

Why keep an ultrasound picture in your wallet and/or on the fridge, when you can allow your friends and family to experience the whole thing with you thanks to BebeVue. OB offices nationwide are offering this service, which allows people to login and see your ultrasound, heartbeat and all. Now, they can see the little guy/gal swimming around the womb, rather than a static image. Amazing.

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