Products for babies and tots

Truck Fork and Spoon
We found this little gem of a set at at Timbalier at the mall on Arapahoe in Lafayette, which is a great little store to begin with. The children’s section isn’t huge, but these little truck forks and spoons are amazing. Imagine feeding your little one and making “chugga-chugga” noises, while the rice cereal gradually makes its way into your child’s mouth. Cue giggling and messy faces. Sure beats making airplane sounds with a regular spoon. We believe, by the way, that there are airplane equivalents on the market too. Meal time has never been so much fun.

Awwwwwwww, look at that little thing there. Ain’t it gorgeous? That’s a duckie cup that helps children learn how to use a straw. Extra points for safety – the straw is narrow so as to restrict the flow of liquid and avoid choking. But more importantly, above any of that, look at it’s little duckie face – all green and cute. It can be found at, and it retails for $16. A bit more expensive than the regular sippy cup, but totally worth it just because of the sheer cuteness of the product. Oh, and that all-important safety stuff too.

Boon Whale Pod
If you’re anything like us, your kid has more bath toys than you have shampoos and shower gels. The bathtub fills up pretty quickly with rubber ducks, Mike the Knight viking ships, squeaky bath books, things that squirt water, foam alphabet letters, Elmo bath-mitts and Peppa Pig bath coloring bottles. It can take over the whole bathroom if you’re not careful. That’s where this whale pod comes in. Everything stays tidy, the tail doubles as hooks and, best of all, it looks adorable. Get it at for $35.

Mamas & Papas Rocker
Rockers are awesome. Not traditional rocking horses – they come later. But when your child is at that point where they are just starting to walk, or perhaps they are crawling all over the house and you can’t leave them alone for a second since you found them getting dangerously close to the cat food. Instead, give yourself time to do some chores by putting the little angel into this gloriously elephant-shaped rocker. There are little toys and activities all over it’s head, and, you know, it rocks. It can be yours for $100 at

Pixie Night Light
If you’re smart, your whole nursery room, and indeed your whole house, will have those little safety plugs in every powerpoint that you’re not using. With that in mind, traditional night lights that plug into the wall are flawed because their cuteness can attract a child to the powerpoint to play. You’re better off with something like this, a stand-alone night light that puts safety first. It’s a little pixie guy, with iddy-biddy beady eyes. We love it, and you can find it, at a cost of about $70.

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