The joy of parenting and the fear

Having kids is scary. It doesn’t matter how ready you are, there will be many, many things that you haven’t considered by the time you arrive at the hospital ready to see your family grow by (at least) one. You can read every book and join every mother’s group in your area. In fact, we suggest that you look into both of those things. But there will be so, so much that you haven’t considered.

I became a father three and a half years ago (that’s the little fella on the cover). It was awesome – truly one of the greatest experiences of my life – but it was terrifying. And the truth is, every year, month, even week that passes is another journey into the unknown.

So allow us to help you out. In this latest issue of Babies, we’ve made it our mission to think about some of the things that you almost certainly haven’t. For example, until you’ve had a child, you couldn’t possibly know just how horribly irritating children’s music can be. After hours of Barney, Grover and the Lego dudes singing terribly twee ditties, you want to spoon out your own eardrums. But there has been a new movement of quality children’s music, often known as kindie, that parents can enjoy too. Read about it here. Now that you’ve had a child or two, you might be considering introducing a vasectomy to the family scrotum, but when’s the right time? We look at that too. If you’re expecting a child, you might be interested in some of the more unusual birthing trends out there. Read on.

Having a child should be scary. You have a whole other human being to take care of; somebody who is totally reliant on you. But the fear takes nothing away from the wonder of it all, and the excitement. Keep this magazine on the coffee table, and smile. You’ll be just fine.

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