My Baby and Me: From baby yoga to boutiques, check out Colorado's play time

You’re new parents. You have cabin fever, but alas, there’s a predicament. Where can you go without overwhelming your pride ‘n joy or distressing the staff or other patrons? With these local empathetic and baby-friendly locales and activities, you can get your (basically) brand-spankin’ new tike out of the house and out on the town.


Parent-child classes are mediums for socialized learning and parent-bonding outside of the home. Baby-geared businesses provide a range of programs, from parenting techniques to art, music and swimming.

Talk about the boutique that has it all: from baby classes, mommy supplies, books and blankets to slings, strollers, specialized products and accessories, Sweet Beginnings is the one-stop shop for all new parent needs. The owner herself is a local mother and focuses her store to support new moms with everything from expert-led seminars to assistance with postpartum depression. Sweet Beginnings, 5767 S. Rapp St., Littleton, 303.317.5795,

Denver’s Belly Bliss (pictured) is all about empowerment. And what better way to empower both mother and child than a Mommy and Me Yoga class? Practicing yoga with your baby can encourage bonding, not to mention promoting wellness for both mom and child. They have classes for both babies (six weeks to crawling) and toddlers (1 to 5 years). Belly Bliss, 300 Josephine St., Ste. 10, Denver, 303.399.1191,

If your baby can’t get enough of bath time, consider teaching him a life skill when he’s as young as six months and take some worry off your mind. Infant Aquatics teaches survival swimming, the ability to float and breathe regardless of water depth. After the preliminary private lessons, the Aquababies club gives your infant the chance to socialize while developing his swimming proficiency. Infant Aquatics, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Denver,

Baby Groups

It’s never too soon to start scoping potential BFFs for your baby. Build a new-parents network while you’re at it. Grab a stroller, get dirt and some miles on those wheels (bye bye baby weight)—you’re tethered no more!

Meet like-minded mothers who thrive on mountain trails. Babies welcome—this group hosts hikes that are even newborn friendly. If you’re looking for a hiking group, mountain biking group, or even just a stroller walking or jogging group, look no further. Connect with local moms and battle through the baby-weight together. Colorado Mountain Mamas, 303.463.9530, comountain

Exercise group extraordinaire! Bring your little one along for the ride as you meet with other moms and sweat off pounds in a head-to-toe workout. The professional instructors understand fussy babies, and they’re flexible—meet up with the group later or catch another class. You also get free membership to the Luna Moms Club, a group that hosts moms’ nights out, playdates and other activities. Stroller Strides Activities in Longmont, Littleton, Denver and Highlands Ranch, 866-348-4666


You’re lucky you live in such an awesome place. Colorado is home to many off-beat, baby-oriented businesses, ready to give you that local, homegrown experience you’re looking for.

Beyond the cute and fun-to-say name (do it, say it out loud), Lollilocks does the haircutting dirty work and the parent’s sometimes tedious memory keepsaking in one fell scissor swoop. Baby’s 1st Lollicut includes a photo, locket of hair, keepsake certificate, Honeysuckle baby wash and of course, a hair cut. Lollilocks Kids Salon & Boutique, locations in Boulder, Highlands Ranch and Loveland

OK, maybe you’re not getting out of the house for this one, but local homemade baby food pioneer Chelsea Doyle will instruct you on baby nutrition and will cook and puree two months worth of food for your baby. Learning to make your own baby food is easy; plus it’s healthier and often cheaper. A couple of in-home sessions with this local baby chef, and you’ll toss out your last Gerber jar without looking back. Baby Chef Chelsea Doyle, 303.594.1706,

So, you wanna go shopping, but the thought of bringing your little one along for a few hours of sale-rack treasure hunting makes you want to weep. Fear not. Rags Consignments in Boulder has a great little play area for kids so you can shop, consign and just browse while your child is entertained. Rags Consignment, 3129 28th St., Boulder,

Feel like it’s been ages since you’ve caught a movie? Bring baby along to the seasonally opened drive-in at Holiday Drive, one of the only drive-in movie theaters left in Colorado. Fear tantrums no more. If it gets loud, a short break in the car is sure to be calming and won’t ruin the movie for other patrons. Holiday Twin Drive-In Movie Theater in Fort Collins; 88 Drive In Theatre, 780 Rosemary St., in Commerce City


Picking a restaurant is hard enough without a baby on board, and it seems like those family friendly joints are fewer and farther between. But we scoped out local eateries where the wait staff won’t run at the sight of a toddler.

Spend a day at the aquarium. With a restaurant on-site and Friday nights specifically geared toward families, the Aquarium is a great place to take the little one(s). The colors and constant movement of the fish are fantastic sensory stimulators for babies. Dining around the huge aquarium offers an unparalleled dining experience—a place of wonder for people of all ages. Downtown Aquarium 700 Water St., Denver 303.561.4450

This restaurant won’t throw you in a dark corner while praying your little one won’t make any noise; instead they’ll gladly take you downstairs. Does this mean you’re banished to the basement? Not at all. Tutti’s lower level functions as both dining room and kiddie playspace to accommodate families. This unique restaurant welcomes and empathizes with families of all sizes and ages. And because they’ve all been there, the other families dining with you will understand the occasional crybaby…and happy squealy baby…and breast feeding mom…and wild toddler. Tutti, 103 South Public Rd., Lafayette 720.746.9649

The Old Spaghetti Factory will please the youngsters. It’s a kid-friendly version of Carrabbas; you lose the “real” fabric tablecloths but gain a table in a trolley car. More than a fair trade, I’d say. As soon as your kids learn to read, they can start earning their own meals; The Old Spaghetti Factory rewards every five books read with a free kids meal! The Old Spaghetti Factory, 1215 18th St., Denver 303.295.1864


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