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Origami Power-Folding Stroller

Forget one-handed folding; the next big thing in strollers is automatic folding. Simply press a button on the Origami stroller from 4Moms and the whole thing folds itself in less than 10 seconds. And don’t worry about little ones getting caught, because it knows when a baby’s in the seat to avoid folding accidentally. Other perks? Plug in the built-in charger at night, and then you can run the onboard speakers, daytime running lights and speedometer during the day, not to mention charge up your cell phone on the go. In fact, this stroller might have more cool features than your minivan.

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Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program

Interested in cloth diapering but a little nervous about taking the plunge? Jillian’s Drawers wants to make it easy for anyone to give it a try with their Changing Diapers, Changing Minds program. Cloth diapers have changed drastically since our mothers and grandmothers used them-—now there are more options than most moms know what to do with. That’s why Jillian’s Drawers offers a trial program for just $10. Try up to eight different styles of cloth diapers for a full 21 days and then return the ones you don’t like—yes, even if they have stains! Plus, if you decide to keep the diapers, you receive 10 percent off the total price of the package and receive free shipping on your next order. It takes all the risk out of giving cloth diapering a try.

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Lollipop Moon Mobiles

We can’t get over these adorable mobiles from Lollipop Moon. Sarah Smith makes these whimsical creatures to order right here in Aurora. Each mobile is custom made, so you can specify the colors of felt and fabric to match your décor perfectly. In fact, our editor is dead-set on ordering one of the elephant mobiles for her little girl’s elephant-themed nursery.

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Duds for Dads

It seems like moms get all the goodies: showers, cute maternity clothes, special lotions and potions. For the super-dad who might feel a tiny bit left out, offers a selection of fun and funny daddy T-shirts. Our favorite? “Changing the world…one diaper at a time.”

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