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Too much stuff (and what to do about it)

Dealing with the aftermath of Christmas Am I the only one who feels like their house is full of stuff after the holidays are over? Don’t get me wrong—I enjoy getting gifts, and I love giving them. But there’s a bad side effect of the holiday season, and it’s called clutter. In other words, too much stuff. On the day after Christmas, my…

Things I Love In My Neighborhood

Some of the Great Things Southeast Centennial Has to Offer

Thumb-Sucking and What to Do About It

How to Help Your Child Kick the Habit

An Ode to Coffee

Dear Coffee, Thank you for all of your support through these past five years. In the mornings after sleepless nights during which my babies would wake up (and wake up my husband and me) for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, hunger, poop, bad dream, spilled water, and questions about dinosaurs, you have been there to lift me…