Finding Affordable Kid’s Clothes

The other day I ran over to Southlands, the outdoor mall not far from where I live, to stock up on some summer basics for my 4-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl. My husband recently suggested we make my boy’s winter pants into cutoffs, which gives you a sense of the desperation of the situation. And with the unseasonably warm spring, it was time.
I had parked toward the south side of Main Street to run a couple of other errands. As I was power walking my way down to the Children’s Place, which tends to be our go-to kid’s store at Southlands (now that Old Navy is gone), I passed My Kid’s Closet, a children’s used clothing store. I’ve seen My Best Friend’s Closet next door, but I’ll admit that I haven’t been in either place before.
We’ve signed our kids up for golf lessons this summer, so when I noticed a rack of little boy’s short sleeve polo shirts in My Kid’s Closet, I had to stop. And wow. Jackpot! I wound up spending $80 on probably four pairs of shorts and four shirts for each kid. All of this stuff was in good shape, and I didn’t pay more than $6 for any one item.
This prompted me to explore what other types of kids’ used clothing stores are in my area. Here’s what I found.
Bearly Worn Consignment—Bearly Worn has been around for a long time and I even remember checking it out when I was pregnant with my first born. They sell all kinds of clothing for babies up to big kids and also sell maternity clothing, children’s books and toys, baby gear, and more. You can also find them on eBay. Their eBay store is BearlyWorn4U. (Smoky Hill and Buckley in Aurora)
Little Tykes Trading Post—I’ve driven by this place several times and decided to check it out. They have a lot of great baby gear, clothes, toys and more. I found this place to be very well organized, too—and low and behold, when I hit their website, this is the very thing they seem to be quite proud of. Looks like the store has been rated by the Aurora Sentinel and Denver 7’s A-List for a number of years. (Hampden and Chambers in Aurora)
Once Upon A Child—I’ve never visited this store, but have heard my brother’s wife mention it before. It looks like a chain of sorts that has a few Denver-area locations (Arvada, Littleton, and Longmont)—none on the southeast side of town, though. Like the others, you can get gear, furniture, boys, and more for your babies, toddlers, and kids.
I will admit that these days, I’m not great about seeking out bargains. It’s a convenience thing—if I need something, I go get it and try to do it as quickly as possible. But when a bargain is in front of me, that’s a great thing and I’ll take it.
So, I’ll still buy new things for my kids, because I still think stores like Target and the Children’s Place do a great job of keeping kids’ clothing affordable, but I’m thrilled that I discovered My Kid’s Closet near me. Not only do these two grow so fast, my boy especially is hard on clothes. So why spend $15 on a pair of shorts when I could get a pair not too dissimilar for $5?
What great baby and kids’ thrift stores are near you?