The Wildlife Experience, The Best Place to Take Your Multiples in Denver

A day out with your multiples may be just the thing your family needs…if you go to the right place. Key things to keep in mind when considering a place to visit with your multiples are the site’s visitor volume, the layout of the site with the number of exits per room or venue, and the interest level for your kids. Ideally, you visit the place you’re considering with your kids when you can arrange a 1:1 ratio of adults and children. But if you can’t test it first, read on to find the best place to take your multiples!

The Wildlife Experience is located at 10035 Peoria Street in Parker. It is a facility that is both an art museum and an educational museum. During a weekday in the school year, it has a very low visitor volume. PERFECT for keeping track of multiples who like to weave in and out of people as they try to escape you. The facility’s natural stone and wood gives conveys a feeling of serenity as you walk between exhibit rooms. The courtyard even features shaded tables with a large waterfall and peaceful music.

The Wildlife Experience’s permanent exhibit is Globology, featuring several global ecosystems that you walk through with animatronics, interactive human-robot interpreters, sounds unique to the respective ecosystems, and even falling snow. Globology also has a two story water fall, five salt water fish tanks, a mock submarine and an interactive fish catching game. There are only a few rooms with blind corners (the caves in the lower level), but everything else provides a wide view to be able to see your multiples who are potential flight risks. Visiting Globology can take several hours depending on your kids’ interest level.

After you’ve seen Globology, check out Cub’s Corner. This large room with one exit (yay!) is intended for children under 5 and even has a roped off area for infants. This roped off area has a small carpeted hill, great for challenging emergent crawlers! Cub’s Corner also has animal dress up costumes, a lion’s den for the kids to play around, interactive animal drawers, coloring and storytelling.

Older multiples should check out the Discovery Den. Featuring a kid-powered avalanche machine, interactive models of the water cycle, art projects, live animals, animal dress up, and a small movie theater, the Discovery Den can keep the older kids attention for at least 45 minutes. (And it has only one exit as well!)

When your kids are tired and ready for the stroller, be sure to walk through the art galleries. The sculptures and paintings inspired by nature cater to the adult in you thirsty for a color palate outside of the primary colors and textures beyond two dimensional cartoons.

Hungry? Check out the Toucan Café open 10-4 weekdays and 10-5 Saturday and Sunday. The Café has all the kids’ favorites and even variety beyond the fast food options you find at other family attractions. My favorite is the chicken quesadillas with guacamole and sour cream. The Café also has a huge fish tank and flat screen TVs that play nature videos. Enough to keep your kids occupied so you can finish your meal in peace!

Family memberships are $80/year, but if you’re worried about $80/year worth of content for your multiples, fret no more! The Wildlife Experience has a traveling exhibit room, an IMAX theater (with popcorn!) and seasonal events including an awesome Halloween party!
Open 9-5 every day of the year except Christmas and Thanksgiving, the Wildlife Experience is a tried and true best of the best place to take your multiples for a day of fun and relaxation for you and your kids! For more information, visit their website at:

Jennifer Smith-Daigle is a stay-at-home mother of a third grade daughter and twin kindergarten boys. She and her boys are survivors of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, being some of the first 200 people in the United States to be cured by Fetoscopic Laser Ablation surgery. Jennifer’s life before kids included world travel, historic preservation, and archaeology digs. When she’s not busy with a house full of kids and enough mammals to constitute a small zoo, Jennifer finds freedom in freelance writing, martial arts, and gardening.

Photo by:  jidanchaomian