My 'Live Life Like a Kid' Resolution List - Item #1

This year, I resolve to live life as a kid.

Normally each January 1st, I’m a resolutions guy. But this year I got caught up in the hectic nature of life. It never seems to stop or even slow down, for that matter.  I got caught up in the bunker mentality of just getting through each day. Isn’t it easy to forget about the joys of life when you’re caught up in the daily tasks of living?

Then early February arrived, and with it our first snow day of 2012. The Snow Day, a perfect reminder to reset myself. Once the snow stopped, my kids wanted to go sledding. The easy thing, the pre-resolution thing would have been to drop them off at their favorite hill then come back after I made a grocery store run to restock the milk and toilet paper inventory.

On the one hand, I could:
a) Mark a to-do off my list,
b) Avoid trudging up that hill repeatedly
c) Keep my little two-year old warm and toasty
d) And escape the inevitable wipe-out in a cloud of snow and the potential for the aches and pains to these old joints the next morning.

On the other hand, I would be missing out on:
a) Experiencing my little two-year old’s first sledding day
b) Hanging out and making memories with my older kids
c) Being surrounded by the best sound in the world (my own kids’ laughter)
d) And enjoyment of the inevitable wipe-out in a cloud of snow and the potential for the most joyous day of the year.

What better way to look at life than viewing it as a kid does? A snow day is a gift; it’s a bonus not just for them, but for me, too.  We shouldn’t live life exclusively according to a task list just because we’re grown up. I need a different kind of list, the kind that brings me joy. What better way can my kids learn to find it in their own lives?

So check mark snow day sledding. And next thing on my “Live Life Like a Kid” resolution list? Take a nap.

Todd Tuell is a work-from-home freelance writer and father of three. His joy is in watching his kids (way better than TV) and in writing fiction for children and teens. He seeks (and occasionally finds) rare moments of peace and clarity at the bottom of a coffee cup (first thing in the morning), in distance running (never first thing in the morning) and with the perfect ending to a novel (late-late at night).

photo courtesy of Todd Tuell.