Fun Things to Do With Your Kids in the Snow

Enjoying Colorado’s snowy days

Last winter, my husband and I were determined to go sledding with our kids (and we got the Snow Sliders—they’re great and affordable). This year, we’re taking them skiing in January for the first time (and hoping that Beaver Creek’s Ski School is the ticket to helping them enjoy themselves). What else is there to do with your little snow-bunnies? Here’s a list of ideas to introduce your kids to the fun that winter has to offer—right in your own backyard.

  • · Snowshoe around your yard.
  • · Make a snow fort and hold a family snowball fight.
  • · Shovel snow into a homemade slide.
  • · Make snowcones (with clean snow, of course).
  • · Make a snowman, or a snow family.
  • · Take a neighborhood stroll in your snow gear.
  • · Make the biggest snowball you can.
  • · Go cross-country around your neighborhood.
  • · Build a small jump and pull your kids on their sleds up and over it.
  • · If you have a swingset in your yard, swing high and see how far you can jump and land.
  • · Build “snowseats” for a pretend tea party.
  • · Build an ice rink in your backyard. (We have friends out here in Suburbia who do this every winter. No surprise, their six-year-old is already an awesome skater and hockey player.)

What do you like to do with your kids in the winter?

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