20 FREE Gifts for Your Child

With holidays approaching, our thoughts turn to gifts. But what if you could give your children things that will mean more to them than anything that comes in a box or a bag? In this age of consumerism—and time of people protesting against it—wouldn’t it be great to give your child a real gift instead of just another toy?

The Kids At Thought blog has a great list of “20 gifts you can give your child right now at no cost to you.”

In my experience, attention is what kids crave most of all—perhaps especially kids who have a tendency to act out or have behavioral problems. My mother taught preschool for the first 10 years or so of my life. With a classroom full of active 2 and 3 year olds, she learned a lot about behavior. And without fail, the children who came into her class at the beginning of the year hitting, biting, screaming and acting out, were the ones who hugged and kissed her the longest at the end of the year, because she gave them what they’d been missing: attention.

How many gifts from that list have you given your kids today? This week? This month?

I for one plan to try to increase my gift giving immediately.

Lacy Boggs is the editor of Colorado Babies magazine. She has an infant daughter and lives in Westminster. You can read more about her parenting exploits at Contortionists’ Training Camp.

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