Green Baby-Feeding Guide

I buy organic foods, so having utensils that are green and non-toxic for my baby is just as important to me.

My five-month-old has just started eating (organic, non GMO) rice cereal as her first solid food, and that got me thinking about all the bits and bobs I have and want to making feeding a toddler as easy and green as possible.

OXO Good Grips Food Mill by OXO – This is perfect for making purees. I got the full-size one instead of the baby version for making big batches of applesauce and things like that for the whole family.

Nambe Baby Nambe Loop Spoon, Fork and Feeding Spoon 3-Piece Set by Nambe – Beautiful and functional stainless steel utensils that will become heirlooms.

FRESH BABY LLC So Easy Baby Food Freezer Trays w/Lids 2 SET by Fresh Baby — These are BPA-free ice cube trays with lids that are perfect for freezing one-ounce portions of breast milk or pureed baby food.

Sprout Ware Infant Plate & Bowl Set 2pk – Petroleum Free! Made From Plants! (Boys’ Colors) by i play – These dishes are made from plant materials and are completely petroleum-free.  The plates make a lid for the three-section bowl for eating on-the-go.

Jaq Jaq Bird Splat Mat, Owls by Jaq Jaq Bird – These oilcloth mats are perfect for putting under the high chair to keep floors clean.

Jaq Jaq Bird Perfect Pouch Storage Bag, Airplane, Large, 2 Pack by Jaq Jaq Bird – Oilcloth pockets for toting snacks—no Ziplock required!

Jaq Jaq Bird Smart Pocket Feeding Bib, Airplane by Jaq Jaq Bird – A bib with a pocket is a must.


What are some of your favorite products for feeding baby?

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