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10 Tips and Potty-Training Tricks

Wet with Water Guns

When you’re potty training, someone’s bound to get a little wet. For one Colorado mom, the more wet the bathroom gets, the better. She suggests putting up a sticker “target” opposite the direction of the potty. When it’s time to go, offer your child a container with lukewarm water for filling a small water gun. The sensation of warm wetness mixed with fun might induce the urge to potty. Moms Like Me

Sticky Situation

To toddlers, they are the most powerful items in the world. To moms and dads, they’re just stickers and stamps. A small stamp for going pee and a large stamp for going poop can help a child show off her accomplishment. And once a child becomes consistent, a sticker chart can reward accident-free days. Use these gems to your advantage and your toddler may be potty trained in no time.

Potty for Polish

In the world of potty training, bribes are more than just fair game; they are some of the most powerful cards in a mom’s deck. And Colorado moms like blogger Zakary aren’t afraid to use them. Zakary used her son’s desire to wear nail polish (he calls it “sprinkles”) to coax him on the potty when stickers and treats just didn’t cut it. By promising to paint his thumb when he sat on the potty and his toes when he went, she had him trained in a week. Raising Colorado

Mario Motivation

On the subject of bribery, blogger and Denver mom Amber found her own technique in the form of a video game for their Wii console: Super Mario Bros. By only allowing the beloved game on accident-free days, her two children became dependent on each other to always use the bathroom. Though she said she didn’t like withholding their favorite game, Amber said, “I finally found the one thing that would motivate my children to action.” Crazy Canuck

Playroom Potty

If your child just hates going to the bathroom, bring the bathroom to him. With active bodies and imagination, rebellion against training is often less about the potty and more about leaving playtime. By placing an extra potty in his favorite room, sitting becomes just another activity in his busy day. And what better place is there for a game of shoot the Cheerios in the potty?

Character Creativity

Everyone needs little advice from someone he respects. And when parents just aren’t doing the job, it might be time enlist help in more creative ways. Buy underwear with your child’s favorite character on them or even have a friend call the house speaking as that character. Sometimes that little extra support can make all the difference.

Naked Time

When pull-ups and underwear fail, it might be time to take clothes out of the equation entirely. Let your child run around for a few hours every day in his or her birthday suit, while constantly encouraging communication about when it’s time to go. Accidents will be easier to clean up (no pesky underwear disasters that always get to the carpet anyhow) and your child will be more likely to notice when nature calls.

Weekend Workout

Sometimes setting aside a weekend for one-on-one potty training can help a fearful child gain confidence. One Colorado mom began her “PT weekend” by enthusiastically motivating her child to throw away his own diapers. This helped him gain the courage to put on underwear and, after playing for hours with mom, he finally peed in the potty. It took him three days to master going pee and five to become comfortable going poop. 3 Day Potty Training

Start with You

We tell our children to be vocal when they have to go potty, but when do they see us doing the same? Next time you’re on your way to the bathroom, announce that you’re going and explain your body’s signals. Do this often enough and your toddler might just start copying.

Going on the Go

It’s incredible how easily potty training can collapse the second its time to go on vacation or take a shopping day. Thanks to milehighmamas.com, there are a few tips that are great for keeping your child accident-free. Some of our favorites include bringing sticky notes to cover sensors of scary, automatic flushing toilets, as well packing extra easy-to-remove clothes. Stake out nearby restrooms, monitor intake of fluids, and make bathroom trips often, and your child will be successful. Mile High Mamas