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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month in Colorado

With a staggering number of 11,000 children in Colorado being abused and neglected each year, Governor John Hickenlooper takes a stand to combat the heart-wrenching issue.

Gov. Hickenlooper announced April as the Child Abuse Prevention Month in Colorado, in hopes that his efforts will urge citizens to respond with open arms to help children in dire need.

“Children have a right to be safe and to be provided an opportunity to thrive, learn and grow…to their full potential as the next generation of leaders, helping to secure the future of this state and nation,” Gov. Hickenlooper declared in his proclamation of the state of Colorado.

According to the Colorado Children’s Trust Fund (CCTF), there are many factors that can lead to the abuse and/or neglect of a child:  parents’ backgrounds including their emotional state and childhood experiences, children’s behavior and type of character, and demographics of the family including income and house location.

Of these factors that lead to child maltreatment, neglect represents 60%; physical abuse represents 20%, sexual abuse represents 10% and emotional abuse represents 10%, according to the Colorado Children’s Trust Fund website.

Much like CCTF’s initiatives to prevent child abuse and neglect, another organization, not affiliated with the government, progresses toward the bigger picture in child abuse prevention hopefully.

The Kempe Foundation, founded in 1976 in Colorado, is geared toward the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. As a nonprofit organization based in Denver, the Kempe Foundation backs Gov. Hickenlooper’s strides to build a strong foundation for children in broken and abusive homes.

“…We are committed to being an active partner in protecting our children, whether it involves treatment of abused and neglected children or prevention programs involving public education, awareness and advocacy,” Jon Kruljac, chair of the board of the Kempe Foundation, announced in a press release.

The Kempe Center is recognized as a world leader in child abuse and neglect treatment and prevention programs across the nation. In 2010, the Kempe Center provided its services to 795 children in Colorado alone, according to the its website. 308 of these children, making up the bulk of the

Thousands of children are placed in foster care each year in Colorado, in hopes that a suitable, stable family will love and care for children who have experienced neglect or abuse by their parents and guardians.

Not only has the Kempe Foundation and CCTF extended their protective, caring arms to the citizens of Colorado, other organizations commit to helping and donating to children and their families that are in need.

These child abuse and neglect advocates and donors include United Way, the Colorado Health Foundation, the Colorado Rockies Charity Fund and U.S. Bank, to name a few.

To learn more about the ways you can help kids and families in need, please visit www.kempe.org/camp.